Purified Window Washing

Purified Window Washing in Brisbane, Queensland.

Qld Water Blasting  uses the latest high tech wash system that allows windows to be cleaned thoroughly  without leaving any streaks or water marks. The Purified Window Washing System we use is a deionized water fed pole with a with a soft bristled brush. This washing process cleans and rinses the window leaving it spotless.

The water we use in our Purified Window Washing is low flow deionized water, this is water has had the mineral ions removed. These minerals are the cause of all those annoying streaks, by removing the minerals you can eradicate streaks , and not have to use chemical detergents, thus increasing the speed of cleaning and reducing water and chemical costs.

Purified Window Washing uses extremely durable extendable commercial grade poles, these poles are able to reach impressive heights, so there is no need for ladders and scaffolding, making the worksite safer all round. These poles can replace the use of hydraulic platforms or even rope access in some jobs. This environmentally friendly initiative enables operators to work more efficiently while saving significantly more water.